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We are experts in AV and Automation.

Whether your historic property is in need of an electronic update or you have a brand new modern development in the conceptual phase - we can provide the expertise and assistance on all low-voltage electronic systems, including multi room video & projection, home theaters, cameras and recording, network and wireless, cellular signal boosting, lighting controls, HVAC. Our specialty is designing the automation that brings everything together with ONE simple to use interface. There are an overwhelming number of products in the market, and we stay current on all trends and installation techniques, so that we can create the best possible solutions. Our process includes a needs assessment phase, in which we review existing systems and define what our mutual objectives are and our working relationship. 



I. Your Needs

Each project includes a needs assessment phase, where we can review your existing systems and 'electronic lifestyle', define our mutual objectives, and walk you through our plan step-by-step and how we will work together moving forward. Typically this process can range from 2 hours to several days.

II. Our Design

If you choose to have us as your primary system designer, or we work under a consultant or other experienced design professional, we will need to take the general design concept through our in-house engineering process to create a 'build-ready product' which consists of a complete equipment breakdown, pip-to-pin wiring diagrams, construction documentation plans or markups to existing plans, and the final proposal and pricing. 

III. The Build

Larger projects usually build on in at least two phases... the 'Rough-In' and structured wiring generally happens well before any equipment is brought to site, and in most instances the final design is still in flux. Our process accommodates the agility required to keep the schedule and budget under strict control throughout this evolution. Our clients will all testify to our communication attention to detail throughout this critical phase. 

IV. Handoff

We realize that most peoples' experience with their home technology has been rough, and that our familiarity with 'this stuff' does not come naturally to anyone. This is why we expend maximum effort planning for a smooth transition to you, making sure that what we are delivering is indeed that which you are expecting, that all systems are thoroughly tested and 'broken in', and that we give you as much training and documentation as you need to be comfortable at the helm of this great new ship. We have our 'best practices' which include standard documentation and training, and frequently tailor our post-project offerings to include extended warranties, on demand service, real time remote support and management, system logging and historical troubleshooting data... everything you would expect at an enterprise company, we can bring into the home.