Chamberlux AI



Chamberlux is a Design/Build firm specializing in Audio, Video, Networks, and Automation for luxury residential and light commercial projects.

The company was founded by Chad Krisher in 2014, with the intention of providing beautiful, high end audio and video systems to a limited number of clients in the Bay Area. Things have evolved. We have greater reach, more productive capacity, and many more solutions on offer. At his time we are taking on new clients through a strict referral-only policy.

Because we are small and lean, we can provide competitive rates, a laser like focus to detail, and the ability to expand and adapt to trends in the market.  With over two decades of professional audio experience, 10 years of  commercial AV installation management overseeing of more than 20M$ in successfully deployed systems, 20 years of interactive design and UX expertise - we think it all adds up to something very special. Most companies in our industry find themselves moving from residential into commercial as they get bigger and more developed. We have done the opposite; we take that wealth of advanced technical knowledge from the million dollar boardroom and enterprise network space, and apply it to your high-end home. 

But why would we want to leave the larger market into private? Freedom and flexibility. These ideals are inherent to the systems we create and in our own personal lives. We prefer taking on fewer, more creative, challenging projects with unique clients, than grinding out all the work we can, only to deliver average results to a largely unsatisfied client base. Life is about quality over quality, and that value shines through in everything we build. 


Crestron Certified Master Programmer, DMC-E, FUSION, IBEW Journeyman Low Voltage Electrician, ICIA Certified Technology Specialist (maintained since 2003), and dozens of manufacturer certs from Tandberg/Cisco/Clearone/Polycom/Symnet, and more. We maintain all standard E&O, General Liability, and Workers Comp policies and are fully licensed as a Low Voltage Electrical Contractor under the California State License Board #1025919.


What can we say about our clients? Everything...and nothing*.

We respect privacy, and will never reveal names, addresses, personally identifying information in our portfolio, or share any of your information with third parties unless requested by you. Respectfully, we treat our clients as we would our friends. During our projects, we look out for your best interests, and aim to leave each other better for the experience. We are here as partners, to build you a custom electronic realm, at your direction, which in the end should be comfortable, familiar, and tailor-made to suit.